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Portuguese commercial broadcaster SIC has become one of the first TV channels in Portugal to make its own content available on Amazon Prime Video through the Amazon Video Direct service. Through Prime Video, it is possible to access content of the channel, such as "Jose Mourinho - The Best Coach in the World" and "Jorge Mendes - The Super Agent". The content rights refer to the North American and UK markets, where the programmes can already be bought or rented. In 2016, SIC was the first Portuguese TV channel to sign an agreement with another American giant, Netflix.
Spanish satellite communications operator Hispasat announced that the scheduled 25 February launch of its 30W-6 satellite at the SpaceX site in Cape Canaveral (Florida) was delayed due to technical reasons. The company said SpaceX needs to conduct additional testing on the payload fairing's pressurisation system, which protects the rocket's cargo through earth's atmosphere. The launch will take place as soon as the incident is resolved, said Hispasat, with SpaceX adding that a new targeted launch date will be confirmed "once testing is complete and pending range availability".
Polish broadcasting company TVN is removing the limits on free internet provided in exchange for watching advertisements, reported Media2.pl. In December 2017, the TV company launched the application WebHop, which allowed users to consume 100 MB of data for free, in exchange for viewing adverts. From 22 February, the data limit has been removed.

The application WebHop is intended especially for the young generation, using mobile internet access. The app is downloadable for free from Google Play. It is aimed at Android users and customers of any of the four Polish MNOs: Orange Poland, Polkomtel (Plus), T-Mobile Poland and P4 (Play), and no data is withdrawn from customers' data FUP when using WebHop
Turkish satellite operator Türksat has announced it will phase out all SD broadcasts on it 42 degrees East position, requiring all channels to broadcast in HD/MPEG-4.

The move by Türksat means that a lot of current SD satellite receivers will become obsolete, but Turkish satellite industry association TUYAD said there will be a 20% discount when customers replace their current tuner with a new compatible receiver. It is estimated that around 40% of the outstanding receivers are suitable for SD only.

“Our country will have a new transformation with the MPEG-4 format HD broadcasting technology of Türksat and all SD channels that will broadcast standard definition soon will start broadcasting in HD. With our member firms we will raise awareness of the new HD broadcasts and offer a 20 percent discount for everyone,” said TUYAD chairman Hayrettin Özaydin.

“We anticipate HD conversion on TV broadcasts will generate a volume of $2.7 billion. So 2018 will be a year in which the sector will be active.”
The Paris Olympics in 2024 could coincide with plans by the CSA to modernise the French DTT platform.

First launched in March 2005, its most recent upgrade came on April 5, 2016, since when the vast majority of channels have been broadcast in high definition.

Last year the CSA launched a public consultation into what a future platform might look like and the findings have now been made public. An upgraded platform would be likely to include ultra high definition broadcasts, enhanced coding and interactive services from the latest version of HbbTV.

In order to begin the transition the CSA wants the various standards to be agreed by the end of 2018. This would allow manufacturers to build the technology into their new receivers and a transition period established that would take place no later than the first quarter of 2024.

Support for viewers would be provided for, similar to the earlier transition to HD.

It’s now planned to launch a three stage programme that would begin with a technical project that would define the image and sound formats, the technological standards for interactive services, the broadcasting and coding standards and the methods for introducing these new technologies on DTT. 4K, HDR (High Dynamic Range), WDR (Wide Color Gammut) and Next Generation Audio are all up for consideration.

The technologies would require the use of DVB-T2 and HEVC video compression.

A regulatory project would then work with broadcasters to ease the transition.

Both projects will then contribute to a final project that will support the implementation of the programme as a whole
The UK’s annual television licence fee is to rise to £150.50 (€171) from £147, the government has announced. The increase, which will come into effect on April 1st, follows last year’s rise to £147 from £145.50.

Last year the government announced that the licence fee would rise in line with inflation for the next five years. Anyone watching or recording TV programmes as they are shown on TV, or watching or downloading BBC programmes on iPlayer, must have a licence. The charge applies whether they are using a TV set, computer or any other equipment.

Before last year’s increase, the licence fee had remained frozen since 2010
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